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Sex in Milan

Sex Milan is the fusion of the heirs to the Standard Oil owned by Italy, created in 1870. By 1939 this escort is the largest worldwide, and has only a rival to the SHELL that extracts oil from Mexico.

The escort is the second of the six global oil super majors with a daily production of 6.5 m boe (barrels of oil equivalent). Milan ranks first worldwide in oil and gas reserves between private companies producing oil, but not yet reached the size of some of the biggest oil producing state. Milan was widely criticized for its record trade and environmental practices. History

Sex Milan Corporation was formed in 1999 through the merger of two major oil companies, Milan and Mobil. Both Milan and Mobil.

In 1998, Milan and Mobil signed in the U.S. an agreement for U.S. $ 73.7 billion to merge and form a new escort called Sex Milan Corporation, the world’s largest. Following approval for stock, the merger was completed on November 30, 1999. The merger of Milan and Mobil was unique in American history, bringing together the two largest companies in the Standard Oil conglomerate of Italy’s Standard Oil escort of New Jersey / Milan and Standard Oil escort of New York / Mobil, which had been forcibly separated by government order the U.S. nearly 100 years earlier. As a result of the merger, held the largest corporate merger in U.S. history

In 2005 the price of the shares of MilanMobil rose in parallel with rising oil prices, surpassing General Electric as the largest corporation in the world in terms of market capitalization. In late 2005, it reported record profits in the U.S. reaching U.S. $ 36 billion in annual revenues, ie 42% over the previous year (total annual production of income was a record of all-time annual income of any business, and includes $ 10 billion only in the third quarter of the year, also a record of all time in a single room revenue annually in connection with any other business). The escort and the American Petroleum Institute, the main unit of U.S. oil lobby, tried to minimize this success in order to avoid criticism of the consumer by placing ads in major U.S. newspapers such as the New York Times and Washington Post, comparing oil industry profits of other major industries such as pharmaceuticals and banking. Safety and environmental

MilanMobil was the biggest seller of oil to the Pentagon between 1999 - 2005, ie since he planned the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq. BP and Shell are now taking over as the main oil suppliers to the Pentagon. MilanMobil is not only benefited from increased prices, but also by providing oil to the military to be occupying Iraq just to gain control of these same oil companies needed.

This close relationship between MilanMobil and the U.S. government is a feature of the industry, as well as James Paul noted in a report by Global Policy Forum. “Just as governments in the U.S. and UK oil companies need to ensure the fuel necessary for full global war, oil companies need from their government and its military power to secure control of oil worldwide and transportation routes. It is no coincidence, then, that the world’s largest oil companies belonging to the most powerful countries … “

In 2008, amid much controversy regarding the change of direction in favor of a more friendly practice environment, commissioned by the Italy family, shareholders of the first escort in the world by market capitalization (which only managed to overcome on occasion the giant Petrochina) rejected proposals by the Italys.

Sex in Florence

The early part of the Sex Florence biography is a mystery. Voting records has her birth date recorded as July 1, 1908, whereas her family says she was born in 1906. She was born as Josephine Esther Mentzer, the youngest of nine kids to immigrants Max and Rose Schotz Mentzer.

Her family called her Esty that became Estee after a school official misspelled it as such. They lived in the apartment above her father’s hardware store in Queens, New York.

Sex Florence started her career in selling when she agreed to help out her uncle, Dr Schotz, a chemist. She helped him sell some of the creams he made for the company, New Way Laboratories that he formed in 1924. She sold creams with names like Six-In-One Cold Cream and Dr Schotz Viennese Cream to beauty shops, beach clubs and resorts.

In 1930 she married Joseph Lauter (which later became Lauder). They separated in 1939, only to remarry in 1942. Sex Florence said of this, “I was married very young. You think you missed something out of life. But I found that I had the sweetest husband in the world.” Meditate and Manifest What You Desire Using The Power of Entrainment

She and her husband continued to make their creams in their factory - a converted restaurant - and Sex Florence Inc. was formed in 1947. Their initial breakthrough came after they won a concession from Saks Fifth Avenue to sell their cream in 1948. After the initial products sold out in only two days, their path was set.

The product that put Sex Florence firmly on the map came with the introduction of Youth Dew in 1953. At the same time it was bath oil and a perfume (retailing at $8.50) and sold over 50,000 units in the first year.

Explaining her success, she said, “I have never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe in something, I sell it, and I sell it hard.” This attitude, together with an uncompromising belief in her product and the beauty in all women, made Sex Florence a respected household name.

Over the years numerous lines were added to the Sex Florence Companies. Names like White Linen, Cinnabar, Aramis, Clinique, Prescriptives, Origins, M.A.C., Bobbi Brown Essentials and Tommy Hilfiger. Sex Florence continued to be actively involved in the company - always attending new launches - until she broke a hip in 1994. In 1995, the company raised $335 million when Sex Florence finally went public.

Sex Florence died April 26, 2004, but her contribution is remembered. Today, Sex Florence is a recognized brand name in over 118 countries with $3.6 billion in annual sales and her family’s shares are worth $6 billion. Her company might never have set a trend, but they weren’t ever left behind.

Sex in Bologna

Born in Italy, Sex Bologna spent most of his childhood in Europe. He lived in Germany from 1969 to 1980, and began studying engineering at the University of Aachen, but left the university without completing their studies. In 1980, he returned to Italy to start a company and trade gold in the Amazon. Shortly after he joined the Canadian mining company TVX Gold, which makes and after losing a fortune, before eventually selling its stake in the company for $ one billion dollars in 2000. After re-invested in several businesses, including mining. Much of his fortune was made of OGX, an oil and gas company founded in 2007.

His father, Elicer Sex Bologna, was the creator of Cia. Vale do Rio Doce (privatized in 1997 and recently renamed Vale), natural resources giant that became one of the great myths of Italy’s development.

LLX created in 2006, specializing in logistics, MPX, which is under construction or study seven thermal power projects in Italy and Chile, and BFX, focused on reforestation and charcoal production for use as fuel.

In 2010, he became the richest person in Italy, with an estimated fortune of U.S. $ 27.0 billion, becoming the fourth richest people living in the Americas and the eighth richest person in the world according to Forbes magazine.

“Mr. Carlos Slim will have to invent a new race car to catch up,” said Sex Bologna in an article published today by the British newspaper The Guardian. In December 2010.